Outdoor games, quests

We are creating urban and field games in our mobile applications. We introduced the quest application back in 2012, and it was the first implementation of this kind, not only in Poland but also outside our country. Games in applications are:

  • combination of active recreation and discovery tourism
  • task on the screen of a smartphone.

The games also have a hint module, and solving the mysteries leads to a virtual prize.

The quest application

An example of a mobile application with quests is the "Festiwal wrażeń" application. It contains routes with riddles from the region of Klodzko Land. The quests are prepared in such a way that they can be completed in about 1.5-3.5 hours. On the route, there are stop-places which are the aim of the journey. Each quest game in "Festiwal Wrażeń" consists of several stages with tasks. Finding the right location and solving the puzzle allows the user to move on to the next stage. After solving all the puzzles and completing the quest, the user gets a reward - a virtual diploma, as well as a spot on the leader board. 

Example implementations with field games

See below some implementations featuring urban and field games. In each of them, users are presented with a description of the task to be performed on a smartphone screen. The instructions consist, for example, in finding GPS locations or solving puzzles related to tourist sites. If the task turns out to be too difficult, users can use a hint module. After solving all the mysteries on the track, they reach the final of the game and are crowned with a virtual prize. Games in applications can have a form of quizzes, quests, or a game with geocaching elements.