Amistad Sp. z o.o. respects the right of the users of its applications to privacy and represents that it is making every reasonable effort not to collect any data other than those required for the proper operation of the application, or those collected for the purpose of improving the usability of our products.

1. No data that could in any way enable the identification (establishing the identity) of the User are collected by the application or made available by the Service Provider to any third parties.

2. Amistad Sp. z o.o. represents that during the use of the application on device, only temporary data are stored on the client’s device.

3. The application collects anonymous statistical data on, among others, the user’s location or the data made available by OS. In the application, the following services are responsible for collecting statistical data and data on the use of the application:

  1. Google Analytics, owned by Google Inc. Google Analytics Privacy Policy.
  2. Crashlytics owned by Fabric. Fabric Privacy Policy.

4. In the application, push messages are sent by an external service called Pushwoosh. Privacy policy of the service. 

5. In the application, the background maps use the external service provided by Google Maps API. Google Inc. Privacy Policy, Apple Maps, The Apple Privacy Policy.

6. The application has the following permissions:

  1. Location - enables displaying the user’s location on maps, adjusting POI to the user’s position, and navigation,
  2. Memory - SD card - this permission allows the application to store data in the device memory, enabling offline use of multiple functionalities,
  3. System calendar access - allows the application to directly save events in the system calendar,
  4. Full network access - in most cases, this permission is required for data updates and displaying certain data during online browsing. Additionally, full network access is used by Google Analytics services which enable us to anonymously monitor the user’s behavior, and Crashlytics service notifying us of any application crashes and errors.
  5. Preventing sleep mode - this service is used only occasionally in the special audio guide and field games mode/
  6. Communication with Google Services (Google Play Services) - we use it to ensure the proper functioning of geolocation, background maps, Google Analytics, and to enable direct communication with Google apps, such as Google Maps or Gmail
  7. Pairing with Bluetooth devices / Access to Bluetooth settings - enables us to use beacon devices and pairing the beacons with the application to identify it and award the user with loyalty points.
  8. Vibrations management - used in notification settings,
  9. Push notifications - the app can notify the user using push technology. The user can disable push notifications.
  10. Phone dialer service - with this permission enabled, the user can tap the phone number in the application contents and the service will automatically dial the number, allowing the user to make the call.
  11. Camera access - this permission is required by the functionalities which use photos, QR/barcode scanners, and AR (augmented reality) functionalities.
  12. Photo gallery access - used only by the functionalities which allow the user to post their photos.
  13. The application anonymously collects the IDs of user devices in order to send personalized notifications, e.g. on flight tickets or other offerings. The data are processed on the server, but we do not collect any information that would enable us to identify any user, just their device.
  14. From the application, the user can submit an anonymous survey. The data from the survey are processed on the server, but are not in any way assigned to specific users, and do not enable identification of the users.
  15. Access to TrueDepth camera - permission used for postcard functionality to detect face position and apply appropriate effects. No data from the camera is stored.

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