We invite you to visit two amazing and atmospheric cities - Polish Jarosław and Slovak Svidnik, where you can feel the spirit of history until today. The mobile guide allows you to look at the most interesting places and explore the secrets of past history. The Svidnik-Jarosław application has been designed in a transparent and legible way for the user: at the very beginning of the adventure, we can choose which city we want to get to know better with.
A tourist has at his disposal a database of objects, events, places and routes that facilitate sightseeing. The facilities have been divided into categories, we can find here not only the most interesting monuments, religious and military facilities, but also accommodation and dining options. All objects have a GPS location, so navigating to them is not a problem. Extensive articles introduce us to the atmosphere of places and present their history.
Two characters will show us around the city of Jarosław, who, during a concert tour of the city, will tell sometimes chilling stories - with an audio guide, sightseeing becomes even more interesting! The application also has a facility for the visually impaired: the most important monuments in the city have audio description. An interesting option is also a quest, i.e. verse riddles, quizzes and puzzles that will not only make the time spent in the city more enjoyable for children.
Tourist routes that run in the vicinity of interesting objects, which are worth visiting, also encourage walks in both cities and their surroundings.
The Jarosław-Svidnik application was created in three languages: Polish, English and Slovak.