In 2021, we provided support to partners from Ukraine. Together with the Partnership Fund, the Greenways Poland Association, and Traseo, we raised funds to buy a specialised IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) for medical units in the conflict zones in Eastern Ukraine.

Tactical first aid kits fastened to the belt or thigh and medical backpacks are necessary to save people injured during the war in Ukraine. Their handy form and necessary medical equipment make them suitable for places where hospitals do not operate and it is not possible to provide other emergency support. They are perfect for medical training of volunteers and saving people.

First aid kits and medical backpacks were distributed among paramedics who reached scattered centres of civilians in the areas covered by bombing and regular fire exchange.
We acquired tactical first aid kits, medical backpacks and their equipment: e.g. medical dressings, emergency bandages, tourniquets to stop bleeding, medications etc. The first aid kits and backpacks were sent to Kyiv and from there were transported further to the east and south of the country. Of course, the logistics channel was regularly monitored to ensure that the aid reached the right hands.

The Control and Rescue Service of Ukraine established a mobile training group for emergencies in the field. It is a team of tactical medical instructors and paramedics moving around the war areas and conducting training for civilians, volunteers, representatives of territorial defense forces and emergency medical services. IFAK first aid kits were then distributed to all the participants of the training. During the war, this organization trained about 1,500 people.



The Partnership Fund was established in 2004 in order to support community-based activities for environmental protection and sustainable development in rural and urban areas. It provides substantive support to local organizations, non-governmental institutions, educational institutions and small local groups and leaders. It is a member of the international organization Environmental Partnership Association - an association of six foundations working for sustainable development in Central and Eastern Europe. The Fund is also a member of the European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity ( , , 

The Greenways Poland Association is an expert organization and think tank promoting the methodology of greenways routes and sustainable tourism, including cycling, ecotourism and heritage tourism. The association was created by the initiators and creators of greenways - people and institutions of Poland involved in promoting and supporting the development of greenways in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe - also in Ukraine and Belarus, in cooperation with e.g. the Greenways Ukraine Association (

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