Where can you relax among wild nature and at the same time encounter original culture?  The answer is simple: in the Bytów Land.
Bytów County is located in the western part of Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is simultaneously a part of the western Kashubia and it partially belongs to the so-called historic Kashubia. Experts consider the county one of the nine regions of the country that boast the most highly appreciated landscape in terms of visual attractiveness. Bytów landscapes continue to captivate with their naturalness.  The vicinity of Bytów is inhabited by native Pomeranians and settlers from various parts of Poland.  The stormy and complicated history of the land has had an impact on the local landscape and landmarks, which nowadays constitute the
richness of the region. Today, the Kashubians, Poles, Germans, and Ukrainians live there side by side, and the Jews were once also part of this cultural mosaic.