The application has been prepared within the project carried out by the "Grabi River Valley ” Local Activity Group, "BUD-UJ RAZEM” Local Activity Group Association, and "PRYM” Municipality Development Foundation.

The "Quiz Questing" application makes it possible to follow 35 quests (treasure hunts) created for the project, which are outdoor games for tourists that help you to discover local heritage. In order to complete a quest, you must find a given quest in the application and go to its starting point. Follow the tips in rhymed riddles to move to further steps on the route, to finally reach the finish where the treasure is waiting.

The implementation of the cooperation project entitled "Questing as innovative visiting" – Polish acronym "QUIZ” is co-financed by the European Union within the "Implementing Cooperation Projects"  LEADER axis 4 programme of the Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013. The institution managing the Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013 is the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.