Take a look at customers view on our cooperation.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation in creating Tourist Trails of Malopolska application. Thanks to individual, professional and creative approach the effects were more than rewarding and they have also been verified by a very good reception by numerous users.

Jerzy Kaplon, President
Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society

An application „Bydgoszcz - mobile guide” was ordered by Bydgoszcz City. The solution was delivered on time and according to specs. Amistad’s specialists were very committed and responded promptly to our suggestions which led to very satisfying results and made the app available to the users who have started using it quickly and gladly. We recommend Amistad Mobile as a trustworthy partner and contractor.

Leszek Wozniak, Director
Bydgoszcz Information Center

Amistad Mobile completed the job efficiently and extremely accurately. The solutions used by Amistad Mobile are intuitive and very easy to use The cooperation was extremely successful. All elements were developed carefully. The company places great emphasis on the quality of its services and follows the latest trends in mobile solutions. In addition, a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of tourism applications resulted in a satisfactory outcome.

Marcin Kordela, Deputy Director of the Marshal's Office
West Pomeranian Voivodeship Marshal’s Office

Good communication, attention to details, individual approach. Amistad Mobile provides high-quality services.

Estera Grubert, Inspector
Gdynia Municipal Office City

The cooperation with Amistad Mobile went exceptionally smoothly and the creativity and commitment of the company's employees met our expectations. We believe that the product created by Amistad Mobile (website and mobile application with interactive map - in four language versions) stands out from others in terms of functionality and design. We recommend Amistad Mobile as a provider of comprehensive services in the area of tourism, multimedia and internet/mobile solutions.

Paweł Bilangowski, President
Silesian Park

Amistad Mobile created an innovative and user-friendly website project including an interactive map and mobile app for both iOS and Android. Work was completed in a short time and within the budget. This system is now continuously developed, we are adding new functionalities based on rich experience and substantive advices from Amistad Mobile. We are grateful for your help in choosing the most beneficial solutions.

Małgorzata Wilk-Grzywna, Director
Regional Tourist Organization of the Swietokrzyskie

The app navigates the user through the most interesting routes in the area. It is an advanced tool for all cycling enthusiasts.

Urszula Lipińska, Director
Shopping Mall Forum Koszalin, ECE Projectmanagment Group

In cooperation with Amistad Mobile, Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy issued a mobile app integrated with a map, catalogue and 3D model of cultural heritage monuments. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Amistad Mobile. Good communication and reliability have enabeled us to create a unique product which is increasing in popularity among people visiting our Park.

Ryszard Prędki, Director
Bieszczady National Park

Amistad sp. z o.o. is characterised by reliability, expertise, professionalism and personal commitment. The project was delivered efficiently and without reservations. The creative, innovative solutions offered by the company have led to the creation of a functional tool, which is very popular with visiting tourists.

Krzysztof Wittbrodt, Director
Masurian Landscape Park

We are satisfied with the way the service was provided and the course of the collaboration. The service was performed well, in accordance with the assumptions and contract, as well as on schedule. We recommend Amistad Mobile as a proven provider of navigation and route-planning solutions.

Anna Woźniak - Lubaś, President
Partnership Fund

We are satisfied with the course of the cooperation and the level of services offered, as well as the communication during the project. The application meets our expectations and contractual assumptions. We would recommend Amistad Mobile as a reliable contractor.

Mariusz Wermiński, President
Bieszczady Forest Railway Foundation

The contract was performed in a sound, timely, appropriate manner.

Agnieszka Kowalkowska, Director
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Tourist Organisation

(...) at every stage of the work, our institution was able to count on the support and extensive experience of the company's staff. Amistad Mobile guided our institution through the entire process of production, implementation, training and promotion of the product in a personalised way and with great understanding of the subject matter. We are convinced that choosing this particular company had a positive impact on achieving the intended goal and at the same time will enable us to successfully carry out future activities aimed at promoting the rich offering of the City of Gliwice.

Paweł Ciepliński, Director
Victoria Culture Centre