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Based on high-quality services, we recommend Amistad as professional and trustworthy partner. The cooperation was fully satisfying. We appreciatively confirm adjusting services to our individual needs. Amistad employees were professional and during our cooperation they have come up with interesting and original ideas. We are happy with how the multimedia kiosks are running as well as with the application, especially that we have got a prize for it.
Magdalena Gibney
Forum Gdansk
We are very satisfied with our cooperation in creating Tourist Trails od Malopolska application. Thanks to individual, professional and creative approach the effects were more than rewarding and they have also been verified by a very good reception by numerous users.
Jerzy Kaplon
Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society
An application „Bydgoszcz - mobile guide” was ordered by Bydgoszcz City. Project has been performed at due time and to order. Amistad’s specialists were very committed and responded promptly to our suggestions which lead to very satisfying results and to making the app available to the users who have started using it quickly and gladly. We recommend Amistad as a trustworthy partner and contractor.
Leszek Wozniak
Bydgoszcz Information Center
Good communication, attention to details, individual approach. Amistad provides high-quality services.
Gdynia Municipal Office City
In cooperation with Amistad, Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy issued a mobile app integrated with a map, catalogue and 3D model of non-existent cultural facilities. We are very satisfied with cooperation with Amistad. Good communication and reliability enable us to create a unique product which enjoys an increasing popularity among people visiting our Park.
Bieszczady National Park
Job has been performed at due time and to order. High quality services and a broad range of services make Amistad a trustworthy and reliable company.
Regional Tourist Organization of the Swietokrzyskie
Amistad created an innovative and user-friendly website project including interactive map and mobile app for both iOS and Android systems. Work was completed in a short time and within the budget. This system is now continuously developed, we add new functionalities based on rich experience and substantive advices from Amistad. We are grateful for your help in choosing the most beneficial solutions.
Małgorzata Wilk-Grzywna
Green Velo
Park Slaski