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Thanks to our proprietary software solutions we have been creating compact and complex projects for over a decade now.


We manage the whole process  - we come up with ideas, create a project, gather content, build and maintan products and take care of marketing and PR.

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Treespot - proprietary platform

Innovative engine called  Treespot is a core of our applications and websites. It’s an consistent, integrated system made up of several dozen of modules. You decide which ones should be a part of your project.  

Using  Treespot system we have already created several hundred of projects such as: urban mobile apps, travel guides, designs for commercial facilities such as shopping malls and airports.

One CMS - many possibilities

  Treespot  has expanded CMS - Content Managment System. You can manage all the data from mobile apps, websites and infokiosks with just one CMS. It saves your time and enables you to update data quickly and effectively. 


Several dozen of modules!

Treespot has a dozen of modules and functionalities, e.g. maps, places, routes, objects, updates, events, "report a defect", city transport, audio-guide, outdoor games, planner, QR code scanner, augmented reality, weather and others, as needed. They have been tested many times and operate very effectively.

Get to know the principal use of Treespot:


Not only cities, regions and malls!  

Your idea involves a completely different area? Each individual project is a great challenge for us! We will create it from scratch to fully adapt the product to your needs. We’ve already succeeded in creating eg. application for learning english and swahili, an app to observe wisents or a management system for an electric company.

We combine experience and creativity acting quickly and effectively! 

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