Applications with 3D plan and navigation

Applications with 3D mapping and inside building navigation as well as beacon-based systems facilitate moving within confined spaces. Despite the lack of GPS, navigation inside building is now possible.

Interactive 3D plan

  • clear preview of the facility,
  • free zooming in and rotating,
  • all elements on the map are interactive,
  • once an element is selected a route to them can be designated,
  • 3D plan can be integrated into mobile application,
    on your www and infokiosk, has one common CMS.

Navigation, my car park

The navigation module in big facilities such as shopping malls or airports makes it possible to save the location where you’ve parked your car and later on navigate back to the car park. This app can quickly mark the quickest route to your destination.

The AR postcard

The functionality allows having a commemorative photo with an image of the user. Thanks to augmented reality technology, the user can take a picture with a fictional landscape as the background or embody a historical figure. 

„My wardrobe” module

Thanks to this module shopping will bring you fun and pleasure. You try an outfit on, take a picture with the app, enter relevant information (price, shop etc) and add a photo to one of your collections. Quick four-picture collage with a selected layout and your friends on Facebook can see you in a brand new style!

Models of cooperation


    Treespot Optimum
mobile app + website
CMS to manage contents
unlimited number of records in CMS (objects, routes, photos)
own, interactive 3D plan of the object
mobile apps in AppStore and Google Play
individual graphic design adapted to your needs
unlimited number of modules
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Every project is different, so we take an individual approach to each client. Contact us for a quotation on your project or to find out more.


Most important projects:

Interactive 3D plans, infokiosks maps, navigation inside buildings, „find your car” feature or virtual postcards using augmented reality - these are just a couple of solutions we use in our mobile apps, infokiosks and websites (with a single CMS).
We provide solutions for: shopping malls, airports and cultural facilities. Check below a couple of our most important projects: