We’re an IT company specialised in creating interactive web and mobile map solutions in areas such as outdoor navigation & route-planning for cyclists and hikers, digital eco-city, eco-village & ecotourism guides, as well as general place marketing tools. In the last few years, we’ve created more than 500 mobile and web apps (including 50 for cities) based on 'Treespot', our innovative engine dedicated to creating map-oriented mobile apps and websites.

Treespot is a comprehensive, integrated system consisting of several dozen ready-to-use modules. The building block of every implementation is a map-oriented interactive guide that assists both tourists and residents with their travelling and eco-friendly commuting needs.

In our development process, we try to use our know-how to meet the needs of local authorities and NGO members; we also pay great attention to the suggestions and expectations of our apps’ end-users: cyclists, pedestrians, and hikers. Using our Treespot framework, we build solutions that are customised to local specificities.

Our company has received over 30 awards (including 3x Mobile Web Awards, Boston, USA). Our apps have very good ratings on app stores and have over 2 million users on the Android and iOS mobile platforms.


Why us?

    You will get a comprehensive digital map-oriented web and mobile system: map server + CMS and database + iOS + Android + www + infokiosk website.

    Choose from a range of ready-to-use features that have been tested in dozens of implementations

    Your admins will surely appreciate all the benefits of GIS-like map management tools.

    Your existing internal systems can be easily integrated with Treespot to offer one data management centre.

    We are a reliable partner with well-developed expertise (several years of programming, over 500 apps launched, recipient of many awards) and an experienced team that is passionate about outdoor tourism, hiking and cycling.


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