The ‘Szlaki turystyczne Małopolski’ mobile application is a perfect tool for tourists, which allows them to navigate the routes of the Małopolska region. In 2019, a new version of the application has been made available, featuring:

- a new navigation mechanism - currently it is possible to create a route between two points, e.g. from Krakow to Kasprowy Wierch, which will run only along tourist routes,

- an interactive route network - it is now possible to display several trails side by side,

- a new map, which now alludes to traditional maps,

- each route has its scheme (cycling, walking, etc.),

- option to display markers from different categories on the map,

- the possibility of recording routes,

- the possibility to mark places chosen by the user,

- weather forecast - global search engine adjusting search results to the user's location (attractions and facilities that are closest to the user are displayed first).

The application received an honorable mention at the Mobile Trends Awards 2019 in the leisure category.

The application uses the same database about sights and routes that are presented on the sightseeing website at