Free application created to meet the needs of Krakow airport. It takes account of all the information needed by  travellers so that they can move around Krakow Airport quickly and safely.

The application contains current flight timetables and complete information about the user's flights. A "My flights" list is available with an option to view archival trips. The application also provides information on the waiting time to the Security Control Point, flight status in the form of push messages, and options for accessing the airport via various means of transport.

Krakow Airport is also a complex guide through all the services for passengers, such as restaurants, cafeterias, and shops. Interesting solutions include an interactive map of the airport covering the  Passenger Terminal, VIP Terminal, and all car parks, including a navigation function and car location service.

The application also features a Kraków Airport Loyalty (KAL) card scanner and an evaluation survey.