The Tourist Lublin application is a completely free tool that will be useful both for tourists and Lublin residents. The application user receives unlimited access to practical information related to spending free time in Lublin.
In the extensive database of places, he can find something for himself - apart from tourist attractions, we recommend catering and accommodation facilities, as well as places conducive to sports, recreation and entertainment. The application will lead us to monuments, museums, shops, restaurants, cinemas, museums, theaters, and we will also discover Lublin's architecture. Each depicted place has a description, photo material and an assignment on the map. In addition to these functionalities, the application plays the role of a reliable, constantly updated informer about events in the city. In the application calendar, you can check information about concerts, theater performances, sports events, art exhibitions, educational and development workshops and many other fantastic events taking place in the city.
In addition, the application offers the User the opportunity to view and visit objects that no longer exist in the city space. Using the augmented reality technology, we can see on the phone two non-existent buildings of Lublin's architecture: the Parish Church and the Water Tower. Objects can be experienced both in real size and in scale while rotating them around their axis. The user can listen to the recordings of descriptions of monuments, and in the case of the Parish Church, also enter the facility.
The application works online and is available in Polish and English. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly find the information we are interested in, and thanks to the GPS location, the user can easily track the selected objects and events.