The mobile application presents the beauty of the Notecka Forest. The content of the mobile guide applies to the areas of eight Forest Inspectorates: Sierakowa, Karwin, Wronki, Krucza, Międzychód, Skwierzyna, Oborniki, and Potrzebowice.

The application includes a range of information to help plan a visit to the forest. Hundreds of sights divided into categories make finding parking, a camping site, monuments, manors, churches, palaces easier.

The most important feature of the application is the ability to navigate through a network of routes prepared by the Forest Inspectorate. Additionally, in offline mode, the user determines the route from one point to another, all the time safely moving along the designated paths. The application offers cycling, Nordic Walking, and horse-riding routes. Moreover, GPS localization allows for a thorough exploration of the Forest.

The mobile guide also contains information about current events, forest inspectorates, the region, as well as notifications of hazards in the forest area. The forest notification system can also be used via the website.

The application is available in three languages: Polish, English, and German.

Get the application now and visit Notecka Forest!

Honourable mention in the Magellan Prize 2017, in the category "Mobile Guide"