Kazimierz Dolny - the Pearl of the Lublin Region. Counting around 2 thousand the town has a permanent population of over one million tourists annually, attracted by numerous monuments, a picturesque location on the banks of the Vistula, a loess gorge network unique on a European scale, as well as numerous cultural events and festivals.
Thinking about tourists, an application was created that will provide the necessary information about monuments - each of them described and positioned on the map, events taking place in the town - to make it easier to plan the date of vacation and fill its time with attractions. First of all, it will show what remains a mystery to many - how beautiful and unknown places can be visited by moving outside the very center of Kazimierz. With dozens of walking and cycling routes, you'll discover amazing castles, churches, palaces, loess gorges and breathtaking viewpoints. The routes are described in detail, and thanks to the GPS location you can check whether you are following the right path at any time.
With a mobile guide you will discover Kazimierz again!