The ‘Janów Lubelski’ mobile application will guide tourists around the picturesque and charming areas of the Lublin region. Janów Lubelski itself is located at the junction of: Roztocze, Sandomierz Basin, and Lublin Upland. By installing the application, the user receives a compendium of knowledge about the local attractions, monuments, and tourist routes. At the very beginning, the user can choose whether they want to learn more about the city park, located in the historic market square of the new town, or visit Janów Lubelski itself.

The mobile guide contains a database of objects not only with descriptions and photographs but also geographical coordinates, which makes finding a given place on the map and mapping the route to it easier. And thanks to the voiceover, which tells the story of the attractions in the audio guide, the sightseeing is made more special.

The application also includes a ‘Paszport Turystyczny’ (Tourist Passport) which allows the user to check-in at a given place. An encyclopedia will provide a large dose of knowledge describing dozens of animal and plant species. A big advantage of the application is the augmented reality module, thanks to which the user can get to know the objects in the application in an extremely innovative way - just point the phone camera at a particular object and the application will display information about it.

The ‘Janów Lubelski’ application was created in two languages: Polish and English, and no internet connection is required for it to work properly. All you need to do is to update the database beforehand, and you can set off on a trip!