The ‘West is the best’ mobile application and the website guide the user through the most beautiful areas of north-western Poland. They have been created thanks to the cooperation of twelve associations operating in this area. Together with the mobile and the website guide, the user can explore the areas from Pobrzeże Szczecińskie to Dolina Dolnego Bobru.

The user will find more than 4000 sights here. The most fascinating category is the Top of the Region with the most important monuments and places. Each of the sights has contact details and coordinates. To the sights, spherical panoramas and voice-over recordings have been added to support the experience. Additionally, the database also includes more than 300 cycling, hiking, and canoeing routes. A route network has been developed making navigation possible offline.

The ‘West is the best’ application also contains around 70 field games these include: text puzzles, quizzes, and jigsaw puzzles. Geocaching is also an option. The mobile guide was created in three languages: Polish, English, and German. Not only is the text content translated, but also the audio guide recordings. Additionally, the website has elements typical of the WCAG standard (for the visually impaired).