The key assets of the district of Namysłów are its long and interesting history, preserved in various historic objects and structures, and its rich and in some places still unexplored natural landscapes. A major element of the Zone is the Stobrawa Landscape Park.Several years ago, at the initiative of the district of Namysłów, a number of local governments from the north-western part of the Opolskie Voivodeship which shared geographical and landscape features, as well as other public entities, decided to work together to facilitate the development of their “sub-region”. Their activities were based on using the historic and natural potential of the area.The planned outcome of the undertakings carried out as part of the Stobrawa Rehabilitation and Recreation Zone - as the development concept was named - would be the economic growth of the area and the creation of a regional brand based on its potential as a tourist and health destination (in the latter respect, the key initiative was to restore the health resort status of Pokój).One of the outcomes of the intersectoral cooperation is the project developed by a group of local governments titled “The protection, promotion and development of the cultural heritage of the northern part of the Stobrawa Rehabilitation and Recreation Zone”.  


The main prize for the "Powiat Namysłowski" mobile application in the "Mobile Application" category in the "Rose of the Regions 2019" competition