Open Air Museum. Cieszyn. Český Tĕšín” is the first cross-border museum – a new tourist product based on the phenomenon of a divided town. Located on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, it shows the history of Cieszyn and Český Tĕšín from various perspectives, including the history of the division of the town and its consequences. Both banks of the Olza have been revitalized and a new, attractive space was created – with a walking and cycling path, specially designed urban furniture, modern lighting, a museum exhibition with information boards (and hot spots) and a symbolic harbour. Using the dedicated mobile app you can send a postcard from the museum with your image as Mieszko I – the first Cieszyn Duke, Elisabeth Lucretia – the last princess from the Piast dynasty or the longest ruling Cieszyn Habsburg Franc Joseph I. Using a QR scanner you can scan the codes displayed on the museum’s information boards and find out more about the museum and the town at