The ‘Paszport Turystyczny’ (Tourist Passport) is a mobile application for iOS and Android, which allows tourists to collect points, make memories, and take photos. Additionally, the application allows its users to mark their favourite places and events in the region.

The ‘Paszport do Natury’ (Passport to Nature) suggests 7 routes and dozens of picturesque places in landscape parks and green cities, which the user can combine into any path and create their travel constellations!

The 'Paszport od kuchni' (Passport from the kitchen) is an offer to visit the Constellation of Good Places in the 11th edition of our campaign and an incentive to discover regional flavors: from sunny honey to goat cheese, from Strzelecki jam to Kcyńska Mustard, from Carp Nakielski to goose meat from Kołuda Kujawy region. Culinary achievements from the places visited are the best souvenir from a trip.