The Upper San River Valley together with the paths along the Polish-Ukrainian border is an excellent alternative to the Bieszczady Mountain Meadow. While walking through the upper San river valley, everyone will find something of interest! Discovering history, observing wild nature and listening to its sound, and unforgettable landscapes, all of that while spectating the beauty of mountain meadows - Kińczyk, Rozsypaniec, Halicz, Krzemień, and Bukowy Bród. To conquer this journey the ‘Bieszczady i Górny San’ application will come in handy. In the mobile guide, the user will find natural objects, tourist attractions, 3D models of non-existing objects with AR tags, and a dozen or so sightseeing routes in the region, some of which will be led by an audio guide. The application was created in three languages: Polish, English, and Slovak.