The ‘Masurian Landscape Park'’ mobile application is a tourist guide to the southern part of the Masurian Lake District. The application includes walking and cycling routes as well as the canoeing routes on the Krutynia River. Each of the routes has been marked on the map offline. Thanks to GPS technology, users can see their exact location during their trip. The application suggests which places and sights are worth visiting. There is also a tourist guide containing tips on how to prepare for a trip and how to behave responsibly and safely. On the other hand, in the calendar, you will find a list of events taking place in and near the Masurian Landscape Park, and in the planner, you can easily mark places worth visiting. An additional feature of the mobile application is a field game, which helps the user visit attractions of the Park.

The application was prepared in three languages: Polish, German, and English.


The main prize for the "Masurian Landscape Park" mobile application in the "Mobile Application" category in the "Rose of the Regions 2023" competition