The 'Cycling Małopolska’ is an application dedicated to biking enthusiasts. The navigation will determine a cycling route in three available versions: tourist, urban, and off-road. Additionally, it will show the altitude profile, enable saving and sharing the route with other users, and download the path in gpx format directly to the phone. On the map, the user can find tourist attractions with photos and descriptions, cycling-friendly points, such as MOR (a place designed for cyclists to rest at), or a water fountain. Moreover, the user can browse through a database of routes for cycling and ecotourism trips, and major cycling routes in the Małopolska region. The application will also tell the user how many calories they will burn choosing a particular route, how much they will save on fuel, or how much less CO2 they will emit into the atmosphere. Cycling Małopolska also has its website version in the form of a map planner.

The project was carried out with the financial support of the Malopolska Voivodeship.