The Serock mobile application is a solution that will put you on the trail of possibilities. With its help, you can not only visit Serock and its surroundings, get to know their attractions, but also find the necessary practical information.

The application offers hiking routes. Each of them has been marked on the offline map, and thanks to GPS technology you can see your exact position during the trip. The routes are marked with interesting objects and places that are worth visiting. A valuable proposition is also the audioguide module, which will allow you to listen to the content about the most important objects on the routes.

The multimedia guide includes a planner function that allows you to easily plan your trip. The planner will also be useful for placing in one place the proposals of municipal events that will interest you.

It's not everything. The application will allow you to follow municipal news, as well as receive notifications about adding interesting content to it. Thanks to this, you will not miss any information.