The griffon (or griffin) has been a symbol of Pomerania for centuries, placed in coats-of-arms, seals and crests of towns and cities. First introduced by the Pomeranian House of Griffin which ruled over these lands from the 12   th   to the 17   th   century, this mythical creature has become the symbol of the Baltic region. The griffon can still be found in the crests and logos of multiple cities, towns, municipalities and districts across Pomerania.  

Join us on the trip around Stargard, using QR codes to track the sites of the old “Lion Pharmacy”, the synagogue, the municipal mill and the executioner’s house. Can you find all Griffonets? Each one will have a task for you to solve! Now, then, smartphones at the ready and let’s go!

To complete the trail, you will need a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with a QR code reader app and Internet connection.