The Knyszyn Forest is the second largest forest complex in the Podlasie Lowland, popular with tourists both among residents and tourists visiting the area. Getting to know these areas is even easier thanks to the mobile application containing the most necessary tips and information.

The mobile guide Puszcza Knyszyńska contains a number of modules that help users discover the most charming corners of the forest complex. Thanks to the clear interface, all information is easy to find. The application includes a database of objects divided into categories and a number of routes that are ready-made suggestions for spending time. The event module, in turn, informs about current events, additionally diversifying your stay in the vicinity of the Knyszyn Forest. A great convenience for users is the planner, to which you can add the most interesting objects, routes and events, thanks to which they will always be at hand. A large database of forest curiosities has been included in the encyclopedia - the descriptions of plants and animals in it have been enriched with photos, which is a real attraction especially for younger users.

Thanks to the GPS technology, each object can be easily located on the map and set your own position relative to it. This option is also extremely helpful when traversing forest routes. The Knyszyn Forest application also includes a qr code scanner, which can be used to expand access to information contained, for example, on information boards. Thanks to push notifications, notifications can be sent to application users, e.g. about the closure of individual routes or about exceptional situations in the forest.

The contents of the mobile guide have been developed in Polish and English, after downloading the data, they can be available offline.