The "Szczuczyn" mobile application is a fast and reliable communication system of the Municipal Office in Szczuczyn, which provides easy access to the most important information. The application contains information important for the local society, i.e. news, waste collection schedules or a calendar of municipal events. In addition, users have the opportunity to express their position on issues important to the community thanks to the survey module.

Thanks to the integral connection with the official website of the City Hall, residents are constantly informed about the latest information. The "Szczuczyn" application is becoming an indispensable tool for obtaining relevant data and communication with local authorities.

The application is also an ideal space for active leisure enthusiasts. Designated hiking and cycling trails are a great opportunity to get to know interesting places, monuments and attractions located in the commune. The application is also friendly for offline travelers - all data can be downloaded in advance, allowing you to use it without the need for internet access.

The application has been prepared in Polish and English.