Mobile application and www site of The East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo. It's a trail with a length of nearly 2000 km, is the longest cycling route in Poland. It runs through five voivodeships in the eastern part of the country: Warmińsko-mazurskie (approx. 420 km) Podlaskie (approx. 592 km), Lubelskie (approx. 351 km) Podkarpackie (approx. 428 km) and Świętokrzyskie (approx. 190 km).

Mobile application and website are a database of the most interesting sites with tourist appeal. You can find many attractions here, including those for families with kids, places to eat, accommodation, the most interesting built heritage and wild nature. Tourists can also follow educational paths that lead through the most attractive areas and places. The application and website also offer a collection of the most interesting events organised in the area, and a collection of routes for which it can act as your guide.

The uniqueness and diversity of the regions through which the trail leads are emphasized by tourist attractions, both those located directly on the route as well as those found within the 20-kilometer corridor on both sides of the route. Among them there are many monuments which are an important part of Polish cultural heritage, including the cathedral in Frombork, the castle in Lidzbark Warmiński, the monastery complex in Supraśl, the former Jewish towns of Tykocin, Chmielnik and Leżajsk, the cities of Chełm, Włodawa and Szczebrzeszyn, known for their multicultural heritage, the Bug River shrines of different denominations in Kostomłoty, Kodeń and Jabłeczna, the old town in Przemyśl, the castle in Łańcut, the city of Sandomierz and the ruins of a castle in Ujazd. Apart from that there are places which are extremely valuable environmentally: 5 national parks, 15 landscape parks, 26 special protection areas for birds and 36 special areas of conservation. 615 km of the trail (31% of the length of the route) runs through them. Almost 580 km (29% of the length of the route) are sections running through wooded areas, and 180 km (9% of the length of the route) through river valleys. More than 70 km (3% of the length of the route) of the trail runs along very attractive river embankments and former railway embankments).


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