Some say it is capricious, others emphasise its unpredictability. One thing is certain - Babia Góra hides many mysteries, which make it highly intriguing. Every day it allows itself to be known bit by bit, but has it allowed itself to reveal all its secrets? ‘Tajemnice wokół Babiej Góry’ - thanks to this project it will become more known not only to the inhabitants of the Zawoja Commune but above all to tourists. Where did the great mountain of the Beskidy Mountains come from? What is its gusty character? And why is its peak called ‘Diablak’?

The Zawoja Commune in cooperation with the Slovakian Oravska Polhora Commune has decided to uncover the secrets of this place and to make this area better known to tourists. In order to achieve this, they have used the funds of the Association 'Euroregion Beskidy' Interreg Poland - Slovakia and are realising a cross-border project with the Commune of Oravska Polhora 'Tajemnicza Babia Góra'.

Tourists strolling down the slopes of the great mountain of Beskidy will undoubtedly have a lot of fun with a game available for mobile devices. Thanks to it, they will discover the most interesting places, accompany baca (a shepherd) in his daily duties, learn about the shepherd culture and customs of the highlanders of Babia Góra, as well as tackle many tasks and puzzles. In the mobile application and on the website one can also find an extensive database of interesting places and routes, a map with marked attractions, and a panorama picture of Babia Góra. The application is available for iOS and Android devices and (like the website) is available in three languages: Polish, Slovakian, and English.