The application adds to the experience that offers the journey of the Bieszczady Forest Railway. The built-in audio guide allows the user to listen to or read information about the places passed along the route while traveling. Additionally, the trip can be even more special by playing a field game that will broaden users’ knowledge about the Bieszczady Mountains.

Field games are based on GPS localization. Users, while travelling by train, discover particular locations and solve puzzles related to the train and the area. One of the modules of the mobile guide is the atlas, which shows many species of plants and animals from Bieszczady, along with descriptions and photos.

The application is an easily accessible source of information for people travelling by train and those who want to learn a bit more about the narrow-gauge railway and the Bieszczady Mountains. Internet access is not required to be able to use the application.

The content has been prepared in four languages: Polish, Slovak, English, and German.