The "Kopna Góra Arboretum" application presents a database of plants in the garden along with proposals for walks and field games.

The Arboretum in Kopna Góra was established in 1988 and is still run by the Supraśl Forest District. It is a kind of botanical garden connected with a forest park covering an area of ​​approx. 26 ha. In this relatively small area, as for the forest conditions, one can find most of the forest habitat types characteristic of the Knyszyn Primeval Forest. In the mobile guide we will find the most interesting species of plants found in the arboretum, along with a description, photos and location. The application also includes suggestions for walks - each route has been marked on the offline map, and thanks to GPS technology, the user can see his exact position during the trip.

An additional proposition for users are multimedia field games that present the most interesting plant species in the arboretum in an interesting and educational way. Here you will also find information about upcoming events and workshops taking place in the garden.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the functions of the free mobile application and the natural values ​​of the Arboretum in Kopna Góra!