GAMA, i.e. the Gliwice Application of Urban Activities. It's comprehensive
guide about the rich offer of events in Gliwice. What, where, when?
Announcements of concerts, performances, workshops, film screenings - for
children and adults - are available in the calendar. Sounds interesting?
Add an event directly to your calendar on your phone i
Stay updated. GAMA is also a tool for organizers
events who, thanks to the _Report event_ function, can send
your announcements.

Plan your time with GAMA. The rich database of places includes, among others: museums, cinemas,
libraries, parks, restaurants, hotels. That's valuable knowledge
only for residents, but also for tourists visiting Gliwice.
Thanks to the map, you can easily locate the point you are interested in
you will determine the route on how to reach it. Curiosity for people
interested in the history of the city – GAMA stands for photoretrospections, i.e
a comparison of what the place looked like in the past and what it looks like now.

Legibility, easy and intuitive operation are the strengths of Gliwice
applications that users will love it for.

A Whole RANGE of Possibilities!