The Masłów commune is located in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, north-east of Kielce. An incentive to visit this area is primarily the vicinity of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the picturesque location among forested hills and endless fields. The "Masłów" mobile application is both a guide for tourists and a useful information tool for residents. Masłów's motto - "community with flair" clearly indicates the dynamic development of the area and a lot of opportunities to spend free time.

In the "Masłów" application you can find a lot of information divided into useful categories. Among them were, among others, objects, events and tourist routes. In these modules, the user can search for a specific object and easily locate it on the map and set a route to it. The objects have photos and descriptions, thanks to which the application becomes an interesting guide. There are suggestions in the route module
hiking and biking tours, during which you can explore the beauty of the area. Events is a handy calendar with the most interesting organized events
in the commune.

All data of interest to the user can be added to the "Favorites" section, thanks to which they will always be quickly available. The "About the commune" module presents important content related to the commune - tourist information, announcements and interesting articles.