The "The Cieszyn Tram Walk" app takes users on a journey through the history of the city of Cieszyn, especially when, between 1911 and 1921, an electric tram ran in the still undivided city, which was also a symbol of modernity. This dynamic city, which was the capital of the Duchy of Cieszyn, flourished as a strategic centre of culture, education and industry.

The mobile application, available in three languages (Polish, Czech and English), is based on innovative technology combining the real and digital world. The tram trail has been marked in the urban space of Cieszyn and Český Těšín, and symbolic stops commemorate places with the history of the tram. A replica of the tram stands on the bank of the Olza River and is open to the public.

The application plays a key role in building the tourist product, encouraging people to walk along the tram trail. It offers content in the form of text, photographs, audio and video recordings, animations and 3D models. After scanning the QR codes placed on the symbolic stops, users will discover the fascinating history of the tram and the surrounding areas.

The multimedia guide also features a photo-retrospection module that allows archival photographs to be compared with contemporary views. In addition, the app features short films, covering a variety of topics, and features 3D models of historic buildings.

The "The Cieszyn Tram Walk" project not only brings the city's history to life, but also integrates technology with cultural heritage, creating a unique and interactive experience for tourists and residents.